Friday, November 12, 2010


Haiku Panda Friday

Pandas buyd Razor fromm the Mark Obler. Use moneyy from "Pandaa Express" Restaurants, and now have blogh. Typeing with big paws hardf! Detroit Rock City!

Now you musts haiku. Pandas pick themes for our blogf:

1) Stupid other kinds of bear
2) Mating
3) Employment Panda
4) Bamboo goodf to eat
5) Lemmy from Motorhead
6) Ling-Ling smells bad
7) Bimbo: A panda?
8) Nixon visit us!
9) Panda-monium!
10) Panda v. Wookie

Here is Panda's:

Panda love music
Of Lemmy from Motorhead
When still with Hawkwind.

Now haiku or Panda take your shirtg.

Wookie or panda?
Either way, there will be noise:
Recycling posts?
From the days of 'thousand-eight
Not quite productive.
Pandas with breakfast?
I have a better idea:
Pandas FOR breakfast!
Bamboo goodbf to eat
Better than eating the bears
They are too furry.
Panda no like tests.
Today start with one in Greek.
Wish I hibernate.
Torture or toothpick?
Under nails or between teeth:
Bamboo good to eat.
Gene Simmons would like
To see Panda version of
Kiss. Pandas better.
Mating: Fun to do
Though not with panda/wookie
Or in Arkansas.
Panda mating's not
so diff from ours: smack, headbutt.
Ow! Now climb back up.
(The above haiku is meant to be read in a metaphorical sense) BLUSH
Not understanding...
Late to the panda party.
Still, cute and cuddly.
Ofber will always
be friend to pandas. I like
Beijing beef the best
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