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Employment Panda Hates Cornell

Over on one of Brian Leiter's 400 blogs, he recently noted a data set compiled by Daniel Solove of George Washington which shows the success of applicants for law teaching jobs. It breaks down the applicants by school (for their JD), and looks only at those who interviewed through the big annual Association of American Law Schools Conference. The AALS combine is the way most people (including me, in 2000) get teaching jobs.

The general impression I got from this data was that I'm very lucky to have found this job, since the overwhelming majority of applicants were unsuccessful. Consider the following daunting facts about the applicants from 2006-2008:

1) None of the 22 applicants with a Cornell J.D. got a teaching job.
2) Only 8 of the 80 applicants from Georgetown got a teaching job.
3) 19 of the 68 applicants from Columbia got a job.
4) Only 3 of the 37 graduates of the Univ. of Pennsylvania got a job.

Crikeys! All of these schools are well within the top 20.

Below, you can see Employment Panda attack an unsuccessful AALS participant from Baylor two years ago:

I'm currently being mauled by employment panda. Any tips?
I see a theme here. I'm willing to bet Tibet that Pandas are one of the haiku options. Why do you have my picture attached to a smurf? Just wondering. Thanks!

Mrs. CL
It's a nurse smurf!
No, it's some banner thingy, not nursing Smurfette. Oh well, nice try, and thanks for loaning me the flamethrower.

Ok, so I'm a blockhead. I changed it...
Oh I like that! I'm a little more Lucy, anyway...Thanks!

Mrs. CL
Mrs. CL is a fussbudget?
Is the employment panda related to the sexual harassment panda? If so, it explains why I am a saaaaaaaaaaaaad panda.
Ged3, I don't even want to know what you're talking about . . .

So this means once you actually GET the job as a law professor, you can sit around looking up panda videos on YouTube? Hee hee.
I only have 4 blogs! And there's only 2 I really update regularly. As a courtesy to my readers, I keep philosophy academia news separate from legal academia news from legal philosophy musings from Nietzsche musings. Isn't it better that way? Maybe there is demand out there among law profs for more Nietzsche scholarship mixed in with data like this!
Brian Leiter and his Jedi Counterpart (or is that Prof. Wren?)--

If you're so concerned about Nietzsche, then check this out.
Does the Nietzche blog include a reference to the Monty Python line: "There's nothing Nietzche couldn't teach ya about the raising of the wrist..."?

It should.
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