Wednesday, September 08, 2010


What would you like to see on the Razor?

As your content provider here at the Razor, I'm thinking hard about constant quality improvement. Which of the following would you like to see more of?

1) Repressed memories
2) Haiku
3) Drivel
4) Political Mayhem
5) Recipes
6) Cat photos and news
7) Information about the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area
8) Panda information and photos
9) Descriptions of my actual academic work
10) Photos of IPLawGuy with celebrities
K) Shocking true stories from my readers
12) Fashion tips and eulogies
13) Links to dead blogs
14) Stories related to Snuggles, the Fabric Softener Bear

Also, I am open to any ideas you may have for new content prior to imposing my paywall on September 30.

(Just kidding about the paywall)

I generally enjoy drivel.
Maybe you could start a feature where you talk about baseball. People love baseball.
Shocking true reader confessions, reality TV style. We'll all chant "Ma-ark" like on Jerry Springer.
I also vote for shocking true reader confessions. With photos, if possible. And cats.

Panda information

Actual academic work
Political Mayhem
Academic Work

And a new segment called "The Panda Diaries" which chronicles the dramatic experiences of our most beloved pandas.
I want more music commentary. Thoughts on old bands. Thoughts on new bands. Lists. I want it all.

I want exactly the same amount of: Haiku, political mayhem, sunday reflection, and recipes. The random nature of recipes sneaking up on you always keeps them enjoyable.

Potential new feature:

Monday in Minnesota - where every monday you feature something about your new home, minnesota, so expose us waco folks to the great white north, and to let your new northern readers in on what you're doing.

Other than that, what do I want. The same thing I always want. Candid nude shots.
Candid nude shots of Osler? I don't think he has ever been nude.
Same amount or less of Political Mayhem.

I like the Minnesota Mondays idea -- and it will give you an excuse to do something fun and different every weekend.

Candid naked photos of readers?
Drivel, true confessions from readers, panda travelogues, and cats. And, of course, some of that legal stuff.

Also, now that you're in good with the Catholics, I would like a post somewhere in the Office of the Holy Inquisition.
Add Pickles as a contributor and let her offer some insightful posts.
Nude pictures of Pickles the Cat?
Minnesota Mondays sounds like a nice new direction.

The rest I like and yes, Pickles should be a new, regular contributor.
Please don't forget the turtle fence updates.

As for a new category... How about some investigative journalism that explores how that Minnesota accent developed?
Didn't you already run a nude picture of Pickles, last week? It was disgusting.
I just appreciate that you didn't link to my blog for #13.
How about Recipes for Panda? Imean of course Recipes that the Panda has tried and woudl like to share? I hear Pandas can really cook.
WOuld love a recipe for Lobster Moana A La Panda
That's cold, Prof... That's cold.
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