Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Criminal law question #14

I am in the middle of a grading haze-- there is something about it that just kills my brain for almost anything else.  Of course, as many of you know I use a Sorting Hat to do a lot of the grading, which makes the whole process easier.

Writing the tests is actually kind of fun and challenging. They usually feature the same cast of characters: Rink Allegro (star of action movie "Explodar 4: The Key to Explodar City"), Glorbin Dandyport (who is usually an FBI agent of uneven abilities), and Larry Bates (who often appears as the neighbor or accomplice of Glorbin Dandyport).

For the first-year Criminal Law class, the test is a mix of multiple choice and essay questions. Here is a sample multiple choice question. Do you know the answer? (in the test, we used Minnesota law, but you can apply the law of your own state):

Bob McBurger is very curious about his neighbors, and would like to see them when they are asleep. He knows they leave their door unlocked, so one night he sneaks into their house, just to peek at them. He sees them, in their pajamas, sound asleep. He then sneaks back downstairs. On the way out, he notices that they have several very nice guns in a rack by the door. He didn’t know about that! He takes them, and brings them home. He later sells them to his buddy Russ. What is the most serious crime he has committed?

A) Theft
B) Burglary
C) Robbery
D) Armed Robbery
E) “Super” Armed Robbery

Gotta go with "A" here. I could probably make burglary stick, but trespassing and theft is a nice combo too.
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