Saturday, May 12, 2007


Stupid Sorting Hat...

This turned out to be a dumb idea-- having the sorting hat do my grading while I play Wii. So far, it has made up four silly songs, ate a danish, and sang along to all of Bachman-Turner-Overdrive's "Not Fragile" album.

Finally I got fed up and just shoved Ladybird's test at him. He looked at it for a while and then got all excited and yelled "Hufflepuff!" Um, thanks, but what I really needed was a grade-- B+, C-, A, something like that.

Anyways, since I was not getting much else out of him, I tried a bunch of you out on the sorting hat, and here is how y'all came out:

IPLawGuy: "Griffyndor!"
Swanburg: "Slytherin!" (this was said with a particular flourish, for some reason)
Baker: "Ravenclaw!"
Yee: "Griffyndor!"
B: "Ravenclaw!"
IPLawBaby: "Slytherin!"
Prof. Bates: "Hufflepuff!"
Sleepy Walleye: "Griffyndor!"
The Dancing Medievalist: "Ravenclaw!"
Bradley Thomas: "Southwestern Louisiana State!"
Tydwbleach: "Hufflepuff!"
GED3: "Griffyndor!"
Ginger Hunter: "Ravenclaw!"
Jennifer Job Seale: "Griffyndor!" (Dr. Seale: Hufflepuff!)
"Macho Man" Randy Savage: "Slytherin!"
Tom: "Griffiyndor!"
CL & Mrs. CL: "Hufflepuff!"
7 of the collective CL clan's children: "Hufflepuff!"
4 of the collective CL clan's children: "Slytherin!"

The darn thing seems to enjoy this, so if you want to know where you go, send me a comment below. Also, don't count on your grades next week. They are due the first Monday of the 6th week, so I should probably get the dang hat in gear by then.

Whatt house am I in? *cough*Griffyndor*cough*
Guess the hat's not Takin' Care of Business, then. Perhaps the Hat needs an adult beverage, because You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet. At least, until the Hat goes on a three day bender and ends up crown-less and autographed by some street performer in Matamoros. I guess then it becomes a sorting visor with questionable jugdement. Probably more lenient on the whole grading thingy, which is nice...
jjs, j.d. and jjs, d.d.s.?
Luna Lovegood and I will be great friends!

"Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus".
Tolkien House
May I have another go? I was excited about "ravenclaw." Not so much that I saw others also got it.
Where do I try out for the Ravenclaw quidditch team?
Come oooon, Sorting Hat! Momma needs an A! (Or B. Or something.)

Can I have a retry too? I don't really want to be in a house with Bates. He reads Art 9 really loud in the middle of the night.
great and powerful sorting hat! What house do you place me in? Also, when is the next tri-wizard tournament?

A B, or a "B." Cause needing a B would be a rarity.
Ok, I'm afraid to ask...and do we (the CL & I) get to be on the same team? 'cause that could be a little tricky. Is the Coppertone house an option? Thanks, oh great and powerful Os!
Hey, after all the medievaling I did this week, Ravenclaw rocks just fine, and I am very pleased with the other members of my house. We will have a special seminar next week: "Hexing Baristas who screw up your coffee" It should be fun.
sort me, sir

-Bradley Thomas
Here's my guess as to where some of the other Osler's Razor notables would land. Tell me if I'm right.

Your Big Brother from Theta Delt on the hood of my car: Slytherin

Beaker: Hufflepuff

The other guy in the Taupe Sweater: Slytherin

Panda with the Flamethrower: Griffyndor

Taylor Hicks: Slytherin

Common Grounds Barista: Hufflepuff

Starbucks Barista: The forest out beyond Hagrid's cottage

Spencer's Dog: Griffyndor

AG Gonzalez: Slytherin
I feel very unsorted.

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