Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The Razor would like to apologize...

David Best wrote yesterday, noting that one of his comments had gone into limbo. I checked, and it turned out he was right. His comment, and lot of others (including some excellent points by Waco Farmer and IPLawGuy) were "awaiting moderation." Here is what happened… last summer, I was deluged with spam comments on the Razor. I had two choices: either require one of those "prove you aren't a robot" tests (which I often fail), or limit the number of posts to which comments could be made. I limited comments to just two days back, which was probably too restrictive.  I have loosened it up now, to seven days.


If you are wondering what the spam is like, here is one particularly intriguing example, which appears to be promoting a Temple which helps stalkers:

Hello everyone am on this blog to testifying about the goodness of EDUDU ZADSON TEMPLE in my life for helping me bring back my lost love in a space of 48 hours. I saw comments of how he helps people amend broken relationship and bring back lost love and decicded to let him help me also when i lost my ex 5 months ago. To cut it all short it is the evidence of his fast results that reuslted to me testifying about his good works. If you are in such situation, cry no more but contact Dr Zadson on and experience an amazing turn around in your situation... on Haiku Friday: Breakfast food!

Do not of insult Dr. Zadson and his work. His Temple is force for healing good and better people for one another. Dr. Zadson knows what you are saying.
I just figured that I had violated your "safe space" and was put in Razor timeout

No, your comments about the Ramones were not outside the bounds of decency.
I only said that Ted Cruz was a Pinhead and that Carly was a punk rocker. Sheesh.
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