Monday, December 15, 2014


Some excellent haiku!

Check out all the ornament poems here.  I really liked Craig A.'s:

Clark the Cub on tree
Oh how I love thee! Needs pants.
Oh, and Red Sox suck!

and Anonymous's:

Stoked Texas Santa
presides in a sleigh pulled by
three fat cockroaches

Four year old artist's
imagination melded
with Waco real life.

and can't you just see Christine's?

A glass cowardly
lion catches the sunlight
and casts memories

And Meghan....

school gift exchange: My daughter
receives Hula Shark.

What is a "Hula Shark?"

loved them all this week - special memories conveyed by everyone.
Hey … !!! Never knew I had such talent.

Did a long suffering female Cubs fan with World Series envy put you up to this?

Nice shot of the Jefferson fire.

Hula Shark is a shark wearing a hula skirt--just what every Christmas tree needs, right?
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