Friday, December 12, 2014


Haiku Friday: The Ornament You Love Most

For Christians (and people who celebrate Christmas for other reasons), decorating the tree is a special annual moment.  For many families, there are ornament collections that build up over the decades, and many of them have special meaning.  My own tree is covered with the amazing ornaments that mom has made over the years.  Other favorites were less expertly made.  My parents, for example, have a Big Fig ornament, handmade by a nine-year-old Eric Frakes out of paper, that has lasted 41 years:

Let's haiku about favorite ornaments this week.... here, I will go first:

My mother made it
A simple silver star, a loop
A memory shines.

Now it is your turn... just make it 5 syllables/7/5, and have some fun!

Battered cardinal
From my very first Christmas
Stands guard over the tree

Stoked Texas Santa
presides in a sleigh pulled by
three fat cockroaches

Four year old artist's
imagination melded
with Waco real life.
He came in the mail
With a broken foot,Pierrot.
Blessed fraility.
Young hands place with joy
the ornaments exactly
where they all should be
Dragged in by kids
Pine cones in the pine tree now.
Just the lowest branch.
Small stained-glass window,
Eight year old medievalist,
Treasured by mother.
Laminated truth:
One tiny awesome handprint
What sweet days those were!
An old TV show,
long since cancelled, left behind
a heavy statue.
An old TV show,
long since cancelled, left behind
a heavy statue.
A glass cowardly
lion catches the sunlight
and casts memories

(ornament - circa 1939)
school gift exchange: My daughter
receives Hula Shark.
His belly was large
San Jose plastic Santa
He slipped over

A Fifties Red Bulb
On the tree.These were fat years
Then we became farmers.
She was an angel
High Heeled Pumps and Low-necked sweater
Sal wouldn't let me

Take her to bed,so
I put her near the tree to
Steal furtive glances

I might cop a feeling of joy
And much merriment
Listen Osler--Geoff sucks!

Only Geoff gestures
Obscenely with a Christmas
Tree angel.Sacrilege!
Mama always kissed
Him before tenderplacing
Him on the

Glimmered wings,pink cheeked
Rosebud mouth. He had come from
Her Mama's putti.

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