Friday, October 03, 2014


Haiku Friday: Bears!

This map from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, showing the location of bear attacks in Minnesota, gave me the idea that we haiku about bears this week.  We'll construe the topic broadly:  You can discuss Polar bears, Koala bears, Baylor bears, whatever!

Here, I'll go first:

I think bears' real names
Are things like "Ggrrrffsss"
Things a bear can say!

Now, you go!  Have some fun, and have the first line be about 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third...

Oh, and don't forget pandas!

Favorite: Smokey
Pants, suspenders, and no shirt
He rocks a shovel.
Sweet Paddington Bear,
with his broken overalls -
I would adopt him.
Panda cam at the
National Zoo makes me smile
Wish we could keep them
They sold the pandas?!?!
Stupid federal def'cit.
We needed those bears.
Those darling bears go
Back to China after a year
Brief happiness break

Plump derriere poised
Over steaming earth,she saw
The bear coming,raised

Her gun,still squatting,
She shot true and fast,heartbeat
Rabbity. Bearfall.

Looks like bears have been in the news a lot lately. Here are the headlines--

Congressional "fix"
For Secret Service problem:
Bears on the North Lawn?

Some like it hot, some
Like it cold, but all bears like
Goldilocks porridge.

With rise of ISIS,
Bears no longer top threat to
Domestic safety.

Bears go to Texas,
Win football game by fifty,
Best mascot by more.

Murderous panda
Walks into a restaurant
Then eats chutes and leaves.
Mine was named Teddy
Security and comfort
Just a brown stuffed bear
Hey look! Shirt no pants!
Winnie the Pooh and ladies
Who knew? Pooh a stud?
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