Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Just in time for Christmas!!!!

I have always loved awful Chinese-made toys, and I never thought I would find something to rival Conveyance Good Hand, the racing fuel-hauler... at least without going back to El Paso, which seems to be the world market for such things.

However, two days ago I made a wonderful discovery right here in Edina-- a toy of such bizarre construction and packaging with such strained use of the English language that it was like a virtual trip back to the border. Now, for your shopping pleasure, I present the $1.49 "City Angel":

Among the English-ish claims on the box:

"Vivid andgreat [sic] in style handsome appearance"
"Many colr [sic] a lot, chosen freely by you"
"Chariots without rival"
"Design is not stand for original product"

This last warning sounds like it has some kind of meaning, but... what?

As one might expect, the instructions are not much help. Note that they begin with step 1, in which most of the vehicle has been built by some unseen hand:

Should you make it through the instructions, you get the finished product:

I get the kinda-police-car-looking-thing, but what is the other thing? It looks like it might be part of a chemical plant.

The question is... who wants it?

Hey, this looks like a case for IPLawGuy because this look like a ripoff of LegosĀ®.
IPLawGuy himself once invested in "Blegos"- I don't think he would care about this....
ok - so the last line means something to the effect..
your finished product will not look exactly like what is shown on the package.

That side thingy is the snap together version of an electric refueling station.
I thought it was a water treatment facility. :p
I am thinking that side thingy (great word, Chirstine) is something located in Riesel, and it manufactures coal.

And I want it. (not the coal manufacturing thingy), just the Blegos.
I wonder what the Country Angel looks like.
If the Lego company calls, I will answer!

But my guess is that you now have unwittingly placed a Chinese GPS monitor in your home and someone will be watching.
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