Friday, November 25, 2011


Haiku Friday: Leftovers!

There are a lot of traditions around Thanksgiving-- turkey, Lions' football, Kitchen Dancing-- but none more prevalent than the tradition of fabulous leftovers. Let's haiku on that today. Here is mine:

One gross leftover:
Icky, gooey, cranberries.
Autumn's toxic goo.

Now it is your turn! Just make it 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third. The winner gets a bio here on Monday!

Write! (Please).

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Sticky promises
Sweet potato disaster
The deer are joyous
Alone again bird
Yeah, my Big Mac Thanksgiving
Human leftover.
Breakfast of the gods:
turkey, bread, lettuce, mayo
(then cold pumpkin pie)

Okay, who eats this?
I don't understand stuffing.
It looks really gross.
Turkey pot pie or
the classic sandwich. My fave?
Pie for breakfast: Yum!
"Lions football"... ha!
More like "Packers ownership."
Ndamakong who?
Only leftover
this year is refusal to
cook another bird.

Seriously. I suck at this. We are going out next year. I cannot dealw ith another eyar of Burned on the outside, raw on the inside. BTW I cked out Carrie's Blog It is AWESOME She needs her own TV show.
Lovely cranberries,
Cooked fresh, sugar, orange,
Some people hate it,
But I'm a believer in
Eating breakfast pie.
Loved your cranberries haiku, Mark. Don't think I can top that. I'll throw one out anyway:

The thrill of the meal!
Followed by coma-like stupor
The REAL leftovers!

Mashed Potatoes and
gravy on a sandwich, YES!
maybe turkey too...

Pie, pie, glorious
PIE. Refuse you? Oh, but why?
Hot or cold, still pie.

Stuffing is acquired.
Pretty you ain't but sometimes
those flavors...just right.
I sit in my Chair.
I'm ninety four my legs scream.
My niece made Sandwiches.

I got lots of talk
Lots of feelings left over.
Lots of stories untold.

Sometimes that hurts more.
She makes tea in a china cup.
Now I feel pain go.
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