Friday, November 27, 2009


Haiku Black Friday

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When you get 11 Oslers under one roof, fun will be had. And it was. It was a fabulous Thanksgiving (and Thanksgiving Eve). One of our traditions is Festive Holiday Kitchen Dancing, which occurs usually between dinner and dessert. Here you can see my sister Kathy and I doing a little 80's-style slam dancing, which is a special challenge now that she is training in the roller derby. (by the way, she has changed her derby name from Miss KO to Misty KO-- get it? Miss TKO? No, I didn't either, at first).

Let's haiku, then, about the fun or whatever it was that you had yesterday. It can be silly or meaningful, your choice. Here is mine:

Warm light, family
Dusk, a fire, laughter abounds
We did something right.

Now, it is your turn...

Gigantic turkey,
That relationship... glad to
Have thrown out the bones.
At the end of day,
I give thanks for one more day,
Start over again.
Turkey debacle
Saved by my dumbest cousin-
She's a hero now.
Louie the hound dog
Found new freedoms in our yard
All 18 acres

Fleet of foot, Louie
was overwhelmed by new smells
deer poop ~ all around

His puppy dreams will
revisit the new terrain
He will sleep deeply
Christine! Your and yours
Ate a dog for Thanksgiving?
A "deep sleep" indeed!

No we ate a duck
Turkey meat is not a fav
We still had a bird!

(Our friends brought their 1 yr old hound (Louie) to play with our Labs. Louie is not as disciplined in the great outdoors - off the leash and he regaled in his new found freedom. He traversed our property very quickly but returned when his owner started the car and he thought he would be left behind.

My Lab Yogi tried doing this one time and let us say he learned his lesson.)
Argument about
full faith and credit clause on
way home...thanksgiving!
Drunk clown makes turkey
Sad, pathetic sight; please tell
Her how old she is.
Four wheelin', Gabe Price
Got stuck in a muddy ditch
Much laughter ensued.
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