Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Texas Tuesday: Music

I forgot to do Minnesota Monday yesterday, so I am lamely trying to make up for it with a Texas Tuesday comparing my two music experiences over the last week or so.

Last night, I went to see one of my favorite bands at the Triple Rock here in Minneapolis. Apparently, the Soft Pack is famous mostly with me, since they only drew about 100 people-- but that was close to the capacity of the joint. It was a great show. Here's a bit of their music:

And a blurry cell-phone picture from the show:

Notice the cave-like environment, which seems to be the deal here for music venues. The band was great, though-- tight, practiced, and loud.

Let's contrast that with the seemingly unnamed band I saw on the back porch of Shorty's in Port Aransas a week ago:

This band, too, was great. It just was more... Texas-y. The show was outdoors, the crowd seemed more drunk and less reverential, and it was generally a more fun atmosphere.

Or maybe I was just being more fun?

The fact that you enjoyed the "Texas-y" band more (or at least had more fun) reveals a key point...The words "lame" and "Texas" should never be used in the same sentence! Unless used as follows: "Texas barbecue makes other state's BBQ seem lame."
I think Ross is into the Soft Pack -- further evidence that you are actually the same person.
Osler used the term "Aristotilian enthymeme" today in class. Did he do that in Texas? (ps, it made sense when he said it, and he did explain it).
It looks like the band borrowed your clothes, Osler.
You saw a band featuring a guy wearing a sweater?!!? Did they play folk songs from the 50's?
Of course he was wearing a sweater-- it's November in Minnesota! (actually, they weren't wearing sweaters last night, and you would like their music, IPLG. Sometime, I will teach you how to turn on the Youtube video so you can hear the music. It's complicated, and involves clicking and a big play button, but I think it is time).
PS-- I think you are just jealous you couldn't go.
They rock, in a Strokes kinda way. Where can I get their LP?
check out edina-based mise en place. pretty awesome. beware their youtube stuff, though, it's not a good reflection. also, beware all things mise en place that aren't made of music on youtube... unless you REALLY like cooking.
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Texas music.

Minnesota music

The prosecution rests.
Minnesota did give us The Replacements, among others.
Replacements, Dylan, Prince. And that's just from the Twin Cities.
I'm neve going to say anything bad about music in Minnesota. Minnesota gave us Prince. And for that the town gets a pass for life.
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