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Misheard lyrics, Pt. 2

For the past several days, I have been singing along with this song, loudly, in the car. However, I totally had the lyrics wrong. I have been thinking the refrain was "OctoMom! OctoMom!" Since The Octomom has been all over the news, it made sense that there would be a song about her (though I'm not sure I can explain her connection to the "Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marriiiiiines").

D'oh! It turns out the song is called C'Mon, and the singer is saying "C'mon, C'mon." This is disappointing in two respects. First, I liked the song better when it was about The OctoMom. Second, I already have a favorite song entitled "C'mon, C'mon," by Detroit's own Von Bondies.

I am not the only person this has happened to... What lyrics have you misheard?

The best one I remember was from my BFF, Kara, from 5th to 9th grade (sadly, she moved from Tennessee to Missouri!). In Van Halen's song Panama, she thought every time they sang "Panama" they were singing "burning love." She sang it loudly and clearly. There was no hesitation. I loved it. I guess growing up in Elvis country, we were a bit biased.
"Blinded by the light!
Wrapped up like a douche (????) another moment in the night.
Blinded by the light..."

Still don't know what the actual lyrics are.
Too many to list.

My favorite though is the movie Bull Durham. Tim Robbins is singing on the bus "Women get Wooly..." and Kevin Costners gets up and tells him "Women get Weary..."
Instead of repeating the myriad of lyrics which I and others have misheard over the eons, I would like to take this opportunity to plug the best iPhone app ever (and only one I have ever paid for). This American Life has a fantastic app that gives you instant access to every show and extras including (and this is where we tie it all together) one of Ira Glass' first reports for All Things Considered on...Misheard Lyrics. Buy it. Love it.
"Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam. I literally don't know a single word to that song. Can't figure it out. Yet, that doesn't stop me from singing along every time. In fact, my band once played that song, and I sang it, didn't get a single word right. Don't care.

p.s. That Von Bondies song is excellent.

p.p.s. Remember all those Longhorn fans a week ago talking about the pathetic Baylor sports programs. Well, that is three wins in a row for Baylor over UT in mens basketball. So, if we're pathetic, what does that make you?
Paine, I and many other people I know all sing it as "wrapped up like a douche" as well. None of us know the real lyrics.

Another friend of mine thought for a fleeting moment that "The Red Strokes" by Garth Brooks was actually "The Restroom" before she figured out that would just be weird.
The real lyrics are "revved up like a deuce/another runner in the night," although the original Springsteen lyrics read "cut loose like a deuce," presumably a reference either to the Ford Coup, colloquially known as the "deuce" in the 60s/70s, a Cadillac 225, sometimes known as a "deuce and a quarter," or even the ancient Dickensian expression of a "deuce" as a devil or sprite.

/the more you know
If you can decode any of Eddie Vedder's lyrics, RRL, your ears are a damn sight more discriminating than mine. All I hear is "RWARGRURGRARGHREEVUN FALOWOW!"

I cannot think of a song where I recall having misheard the lyrics. Generally, I correct my friends.
Don't go out tonight,
They're bound to take your life.
There's a bathroom on the right.

Michael Jackson
Let's dance,
Shake your body like a toothbrush."

Donna Summer:

I want my Honda Civic this evening,
got to have my Honda Civic tonight... "

Elton John

"She's got Electric Boobs,
her ma has too, You know I read it in a magazine..."
Yellow Ledbetter people: You HAVE TO WATCH THIS SERIOUSLY
I said I don't want a whale in a Bozx or a bag.
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