Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Go "Bobcats!"

Last night as I drove into Waco, I tuned in the Baylor baseball game. Listening in, I was surprised to hear that they were playing a school called "Texas State." While I thought I was familiar with the schools around here, "Texas State" was a new one, and one would think that name would have been taken long ago.

Fortunately, my friend and advisor on all things Texan, Gordon Davenport, was able to explain it all to me via cell phone. Texas State, located in Brian's College Station, was until very recently known as "Texas A & M." According to Gordon, this Texas A & M was so called because it was founded by a married couple named Andy and Marge. Over time, the school grew to nearly 3,000 students and developed a slavish devotion to their sports teams, the "Fightin' Angries."

Gordon's understanding is that in the past year, the school formerly known as Texas A & M (still owned by the children of the founders) fell on hard times and scandal, leading to the departure of the president, Bill Gates. To get a fresh start, they renamed the school "Texas State," and made the teams the "Bobcats." They also got rid of their old mascot, Sarge, in favor of a new one.

Thank you, Gordon! And shouldn't Bear Meat be on top of a story like this?


Dear Prof:

Our Texas A&M and Texas State coverage is much more myth-driven than your meticulous fact-checking journalism. While we have often argued that all non-Baylor colleges and universities have banded together in a giant conspiracy to keep us a marginal athletic power, we would never confuse the bestiality-prone farm schoolers with the fashionable lesbianism of LBJ alma-mater and teacher college "TX State".
Yeah, yeah, yeah....

The real question is whether you took the bottom or the top through Austin. Or did you try one going south and the other going north?
Oh, yeah. Bottom. But that was by mistake.
I thought that A & M stood for Alemanes and Mexicans. What gives with that?
When you got to the top / bottom intersection, did you see the North-going Zax and the South-going Zax?
I only saw the North-going Zax. Oh, how wet they let that wet pet get!
Fun random fact: Robert Gates went to William & Mary.
I heard that the white towels Texas State waives at football games got it's roots ole' Andy. Legend holds that Andy suffered from a terrible case of hayfever. He was never seen without his white hanky, and he often waived it everytime the Angries scored a touchdown.
This is just another directional school trying to play it cool. Texas State used to be SOUTHWEST Texas State, which everyone identified with LBJ and San Marcos. Now, they're Texas State, and I'm not sure anyone noticed.

Fun fact: A "Tex. State Univ." was featured in the early 1990s Sinbad movie "Necessary Roughness." The mascot was the armadillo. Interestingly enough, the film was shot at North Texas.
Sinbad! Wow, now there's a name from the past. Wonder if he's parking cars or waiting tables these days? Or is he on some sort of D List reality show?
North Texas was also formerly North Texas State University.
Apparently, Rice University was originally known as Miami (Tx)
The following is off-topic for this post, but breathtakingly on-topic for this blog.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you legal poetry.
I thought Ralph the Swimming Pig was Southwest Texas/Texas State(Teachers College)'s mascot. Maybe cuz I've never met a sober alum of that school.
Happy Valentine's Day, Osler Fans!!!!

Tonight my spouse and I are going to romantically put our toddler to bed, eat some chocolate and then move a bunch of furniture so they can start the floor stuff upstairs.

However, I would NOT trade my life for anything.
Now that's an idea: furniture moving as a powerful aphrodisiac. Before long, Spenser is going to have a partner-in-crime.
Don't aphrodasiacs LEAD to furniture moving... and not the other way around?
The furniture moving led to us collapsing in bed and falling asleep to a FRONTLINE we TIVOd earlier this week. It was about media coverage and I dunno it is a four parter and this was part one.. I hope they re rerun it.

I am NOT having another baby... I cannot believe anyone does this twice!

Oh and here is a tip for life: Buy the house, remodel it and THEN have the baby. Not the other way around. All I can hear right now are saws, pounding, and Led Zeppelin that plays on their radio.
Too late! We already bought the house. Had the kid 4 months later. Guess we missed the window of opportunity.

Where did you get contractors who listen to Zeppelin? Very cool. I haven't seen or heard a contracting crew listening to an English language radio station in quite some time.
It's Oregon, man. They probably sell skunge, too, if you ask.
Necessary Roughness also had the famed Scott Bakula (known for his stint on Quantum Leap). That movie's cast list clearly read like a Who's Who of Hollywood at the time...
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