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The 7 Habits of Highly Confused Joggers

I was in a meeting today over in Pat Neff Hall, which is where the Baylor Administration holds meetings that involve powerpoint, people in ties, and hearty chuckles. I have to say, it was an extremely well-run meeting, very efficient, with excellent presentations. I was very impressed with almost everything about it. But there was one thing...

My problem was the poster on the wall across from me. There were 7 posters up, with different sayings, like "Think Win-Win." At first I thought that somehow this otherwise beautiful room had been decorated via a tipsy visitor to the now-defunct "Successories" store, but then it hit me. I was surrounded by the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, writ large in color posters.

The one directly across from me read "Sharpen The Saw." It had a picture of a guy running perilously close to the edge of a desert mesa, an odd route for the kind of casual jog he seemed to have going. Beneath the picture, it said "Take care of your most important asset: You!"

I've been thinking about that all day. While I suppose one should take care of himself, and that there is much to be said for balance in life, I'm not sure running near sheer cliffs in windy areas is accomplishing any of that. No doubt, there was a deeper meaning to take from all this, but I was kind of obsessed with the guy in the picture. What a moron! He's out there in the desert, alone, no water, and he's two feet away from certain death while prancing over uneven ground.

So I ask you: What SHOULD the caption have been?


How about, "Where Run Goes to Die?"
You know, if this were a baseball game and I was a spectator, and I saw the pitcher put up a big fat fastball right down the middle of the plate when I knew Tydwthbleach was standing there at the plate, bat in hand, I'd shift my eyes to deep, deep center field before she even swung the bat.
Yeah, that's pretty much the deal here.
"Bates heading to class after finding a suitably secluded parking spot."
“Is it still a cry for help if nobody can hear your screams?”

“When you’re dumb enough to get this lost, you might as well jump.”
Wow, this is kind of like the MLB Home Run Derby. Swanburg is bashing them out of the park right now. What's the next hitter gonna do?

Maybe you can call this "Stupid Aphorism Wednesday."
"Toben scouts sites for the next big prom party... without all the hassle."
"You never know how close you are to failure, injury and huge medical bills."
"Professional Actor on a closed course. Do not attempt."
"Where's the turn, again?"

By the way, I've been in that conference room, and those posters are so distracting it's a miracle any work really gets done over there.
Welcome to MY WORLD> Sharpen the Saw..... I don't get to hear that one enough,,. Seven Habits guy only signs EVERY EMAIL with it. He made me get a SEVEN HABITS refill for my franklin planner. Now there is a saying for every day!!!!

Other popular things heard around the office are: "Begin with the end in mind." and "Be Proactive" and then coming in third, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood."

Well I do Begin with the end in mind... At the beginning of every day at that place, only one day a week for now, I begin each day hoping it will end soon, and I try to make sure and do a lot of projects that I can do at HOME far away from Coveyland. I am PROACTIVE in that I am STILL looking occasionally for other jobs.. (only two interviews this week). AS far as seeking first to be understood whatever all of that stuff.. I understand that Seven Habits guy is a tool. That's about all the info I need. If I did not like the work so much AND if I had to go in there more often, I would probably get a rash from the "CHANGE" poster in my office.

I know these posters inspire people... I guess. I mean there are so many things in life to inspire me, like my child, my husband, Osler's Razor... I do not HATE Stephen Covey but I wish that he did not have to exist... Like I wish people could find ways to feed their own souls, instead of buying inspiration at a mall.

All of this reminds me of my half brother, Sean who is a sweet nice guy but he grew up in a different house and his Dad did not have the same values as my mom I guess. Sean has an MBA and he IS really smart, but he is WAYYY into this stuff. He is a part time LIFE COACH. Big Tony Robbins fan... and he is proud of his MBA but to me he is not EDUCATED. His undergrad was in Business, and he did officially go to college but it did not make a DENT on him you know? He never picks up a book or reads a newspaper. He has hardly read any of the classics, has never traveled much, has no desire to. He did not study history, or art, anything really. ITs kind of sad, because he has a tremendous sense of humor, and is really kind but he is kind of closed minded.

I think it is these people these kinds of sort of "lost" people that REALLLLY gravitate to the whole motivational posters thing. My boss also does this and though I thanked him for the "PERSISTENCE" mug at Christmas, I just don't get it.

But alas, You have to take care of your own soul, just like joggers say: "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sail"

Not exactly a home run.... but it is out in left field I would say...hahahah
Yes, Tyd, but what would the caption be?
1. "26 miles? On Purpose?"

2. "OK the guy said turn left at big pile of sand, and then I will see the Bellagio.."

3. "I must be winning. There is no one even behind me!"

$. " I would do Anything for love, but I won't do that..." Hmmm I wonder if that song is on The List?"
They're all good. I like #3 the best
The caption should have read "Saw Logs!" and the picture should've been me in any meeting or class where I don't have a pen and a notebook to keep me awake.

I pass out if I can't at least doodle. Something about sitting still for that long just sets something...zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzz...
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