Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hey! Does this mean the "Just Hang in There!" poster I bought from you guys is defective or something?

I saw this in Dallas at the Galleria last Saturday and had to take a picture. Did they bother to even look at the "Perseverance" poster on their own wall?

Best of all, a book called "You Can Sell Anything!" was on display in the front window at 75% off. Seen in the front of a failed store, that's irony, my friends-- even more ironic than, say, a fly in your chardonnay or rain on your wedding day.

Prof. Osler,

I'm not sure if you know about the genius that is, but based on this post I think you would thoroughly enjoy their products.
If I may, Rain on your wedding day, even though I do loves me some Alanis,
Is not exactly ironic. Unless you were being super secret double ironic.
It's amazing that a store called "Successories), managed by people who obviously know how to run a successful business, can fail while the kiosk that sells your name printed on a grain of rice, run by a high school drop out, thrives.
Now that's irony. A black fly in your Chardonnay means your aren't drinking enough. That's what that means.
If Jean Teasdale's year round Santa venture couldn't make it in that space, I don't see how Successories was going to survive
is rain on your wedding day really ironic, or just an unfortunate coincidence
Victory is mine!

Hooray sabotage!
I KNOW ABOUT!!!! I actually put a post on here before about them They are AWESOME>. My favorite one:

"Meetings. Because none of us is as dumb as all of us."
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