Friday, December 22, 2006


Hello, Holiday Haiku Friday!

It's a great day for Haiku! Enter yours below-- 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 for the last line.

Here is mine:

Road salt truck driver
You shoot rocks at my auto
From three feet away!

You kind of have to leave Texas to understand that one...

Grade change whiner-kids
"You used the word "perceive!"
Others, they got it.
Festivus arrives!
Time for airing grievances
Fun for families!
Can't see red and green
Christmas must be hell for you
Poor colorblind man
Robert Earl Keen song
Everybody say cheese grits
Snowed in in Denver
silent snow falling
mystery of the quiet
ways in which we hope
Sleep, eat, prep PC
My plan for the holidays
Whee! Sounds exciting

Will be there two days
'Fore mother starts to complain
Bad music, bad taste

Bad movies, bad shows
Bad for walking into bars
Even if no booze

Now "Not good Christian"
So my behavior makes me
"Backslidden Baptist"

So Merry Christmas
But not from me, a heathen
Get me out of here!
Delayed in Denver,
Blizzards not just at DQ.
Wait is terminal.
-John Denver
Christmas at E.R.
Granny got herself mowed down
Rudolph: Drunk Driver
At Eight Forty Nine
Anonymous Said it Best
Celebrate Christmas
Shenanigans in
Voir Dire. My persona hates
Native Alaskans.

I wish I was a
Koala – sleep for nineteen
Hours, eat for five.
Its been quite a year
Wish I had time to reflect
Must bill and collect
Not the President
Not the Pope or Theresa
And not me, but "you"
Peppermint goodness
Homemade in Grandma's kitchen
Love in a cookie
Christmas is for some
But not all, for Steve can't find
Festivus sweaters
cold yet warm inside
cookie, holiday, season
thankful, an effort
Often so stormy
She is peace and beauty now
My little girl sleeps

Merry Christmas from Minnesota
The christmas tree tilts
pine needles fall to the floor
why a tree indoors?

Kids' paper snowflakes
glitter and felt ornaments
Dogs pooping tinsel.

Dollar store paper
Martha Stewart disapproves
but it feel like home.

She counts the boxes
She thinks her brother got more
can't teach gratitude

A Christmas prayer
truly thankful for these brats
and this crooked tree.

Merry Christmas from Killeen
Two balls in window
What's that picture of, Osler?
Big red testicles!

Last week I was short
One syllable--shouldn't write
When I'm really drunk.

At home with my folks
I feel like a kid again
Must run away now!

It's really warm here.
Where is Christmas? Puff'lump bear?
I wish it would snow.

Javelinas rule!
Bobblehead Jesus in snow
Ode to LinuxBear :o)

Death to meatball hoy
Letterman and football kill
Tree topper today
ipod knows my mood
Pearl Jam's "Immortality"
haiku on the road

Dont Be Good For Claus
He Is Not Spying On you
Fear the Pope-A-Scope
Here in Oregon
Happy that I'm home and safe
Not lost in the snow

Osler's blog so weird
War of the anonymous
Law School not for me

House a mess, sick kid,
No Norman Rockwell here but
Happy Family!

From Texas to Mich.
I wish you nutty lawyers
Happy Holidays!

Kids' paper snowflakes
glitter and felt ornaments
Dogs pooping tinsel.

I cannot tell you how many times this happened at my house. Why do dogs LOVE Christmas trees etc???
It's late but here it is:

Sunrise on Dallas,
Flying a orange skyline,
American eagle.

Up at 4 a.m.
Flying into the dark night,
starry, starry, sky.
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