Friday, September 15, 2006


The Big Event: Fashion Night at Baylor Law!

[This is not a joke]

What you wear is never going to win a case for you, or bring in a big client. However, it can drive people away if you look like a biker-hog or something like that. You do want to be properly attired in the office and in court, and we are here to help.

Prof. Simpson and I have organized an evening of sartorial advice and entertainment, in which we will offer suggestions and examples of what to wear-- and what NOT to wear, for both men and women. The exact format has not yet been determined. We could have brief lectures followed by a fashion show of good and bad examples. Or perhaps a Project Runway-type event with Dean Jackson in the role of Heidi Klum. At any rate, we will need models so that Prof. Bates doesn't have to do it all. Feel free to volunteer in the comment section, or offer suggestions for the format.

Fashion Night will be Tuesday, October 3, at 7:30 pm in Room 127 of Baylor Law School. All are welcome.

My favorite Baylor fashion mistake was always the boys(men) who showed up to moot court or PC mini-trials with the VERY colorful shirt. You know, the dress short that was deep purple or some shade of fuscia, matched to a black tie. I'm sure you remember this type - looks straight out of a bad Hollywood mob movie or maybe auditioning as the Devil's sidekick.
I think the event should be more in the style of American Idol, with the WJC playing the role of Simon.
I would have volunteered had you not given me the visual of Prof. Bates working the catwalk in the finest Nepalese apparel. Since neither I, nor anyone else can top that, I’m forced only to recommend having the event in a wind tunnel as to accentuate the long flowing hair.

And Thomas the 2Q has a seersucker suit. I’m sure he’ll wear it if you ask him.
I received this enticing case blurb that has advocacy notebook written all over it.

Living Centers of Texas, Inc. v. Penalver
(Tex.App. Dist.4 09/13/2006)

Viewed in the context of the entire record, plaintiffs' closing argument during the damages stage, which referenced Nazi Germany's T-4 euthanasia program during World War II, did not constitute incurable error. San Antonio Court of Appeals, 04-05-00565-CV
I nominate Professor Serr to be the MC. As Bates walks down the aisle in his t-shirt, Serr can come out with everyone's favorite line, "No Surprises Here!"
My leggings better not make the what NOT to wear list.

I like the Project Runway set idea. Who's gets to play Michael Kors?
Try to get Powell to model the sweet 3-piece suit with the plaid vest
Im sure he will be cool with it
I want to know more about the "dress short" mentioned in the first post.

My local counsel told me not to wear my cowboy boots in Court in Ft. Worth even though the case was all about cowboy boots.
this is hilarious! baylor fashion night, what a concept! i like the serr mc suggestion and the windtunnel approach. prof osler bringing fashion back, that rocks.
This is a much better idea than the fashion lesson the school tried when I was a student. They brought in some woman who was a former beauty queen and she showed a million slides and droned on for several hours about matching shoes, belts, briefcases, etc. Not nearly as entertaining and fun as a live fashion show!
I have been told that lace-up knee-high boots are inappropriate in the courtroom. Could we get some confirmation on that?
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