Friday, January 11, 2013


Haiku Friday: Food you would never eat!

Good discussion of food here yesterday, so why not keep it going a little?

Let's haiku about the food you would never eat. For me, and I hate to incense some of my readers, but that list would include McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Not so much because of the weird fish it is made out of, but because of my staunch opposition to the
"-O'-" construction in naming things.

So, here is mine:

My Mom was steadfast:
No blue Kool Pops for Oslers!
I think she was right.

Now it is your turn: Craft a decent haiku, of 5/7/5 syllablage, and you just might get your bio posted right here this coming Monday.

Jack in the Box and
Blue Rasberry, a flavor
found only in labs.
Tongue. Bitter Melon.
Anything the color blue.
Oh yeah - McRibs too.
I am wary of
The "Ice cream of the future"
Dippin Dots=Chemdeath
Liver- Can't stand it
Depression era parents
Love it. Not for me!
Much to my regret
I cannot eat bananas
Taste, smell make me retch
nO Filet-O-Fish?
OreOs? CheeriOs? Ahh.
Agree on OleO.
I'll have to bow out
For try as I might, I can't
Think of anything ....
Wasn’t told it was
The business end of a bull.
Won’t eat it again.

Sweet scalloped tomatoes,
Tossed with white bread:
I sit until tomorrow morn.
Mushy lima beans
Broccoli that's steamed all day
And, oh - brussels sprouts
This comment has been removed by the author.
Green jello with shrimp,
Celery, carrots, cabbage,
Mandarin oranges.
Tomato Aspic
and not a fan of Jello
Must be the texture
Sans prejudice,I
Inhale comestibles.Ne'er
Crown sweet with faux cream.

For,what is Cool Whip?
White nonesuch,with no cow? Merde!
Plump Cream tops all.

From my fingertip
You taste vanilla manna.
Cool Whip insults pie.
Chemo changes tastes
but then a new yummy taste
a happy surprise
Chemo changes tastes
a new yummy taste happens
a happy surprise

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