Tuesday, October 02, 2012


A dream realized, followed by disaster

This past weekend, one of my life goals was finally accomplished-- I met Goldy Gopher. He starred in my favorite video, taught me how to do my laundry, and is a man-about-town (er, gopher-about-town) here in Minneapolis.

Anyways, I was at a cross country meet, and saw that there were some problems with the course layout, so I brought it to his attention:

He nodded gravely, and then headed over to discuss this with the meet officials:

Goldy raised the matter with them:

There was some confusion...

This ended badly, with the Gopher being thrown out of the event:

I am, of course, deeply troubled about the whole thing, especially given Goldy's unfortunate history with St. Thomas professors.

Sorry, Goldy!

As a mom spending every Saturday at cross country meets, I wish I could've seen that.
Loved the police report.
I know, Desiree! Especially the way it refers to "Goldy the Gopher" as just another citizen attending the game.
As a U of M alum, I am tempted 'To Call Me Maybe' a P.I. friend to ensure the 'cross country confusion' wasn't instigated by another St. Thomas Professor, professor...

New Christine misses the choose an identity [Name] box - am I forever saddled with a Google Account?
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