Wednesday, November 10, 2010


That's my kind of mascot!

One great thing about Minnesota is that even the mascots are all about education.

In some places, the mascots eat cheerleaders:

Not here! Instead of the usual hijinks, Goldy Gopher teaches kids how to do laundry and gives people involuntary flu shots:

The Miami of Ohio mascot just beats people up.
Should we assume that Goldy is changing needles between flu shots? If not, I hope he has a hepatitis vaccine on hand.
Typical nanny state foolishness, telling people how to do laundry. Harrumph...
So we have a human-sized rodent wandering around injecting unsuspecting people with a communicable disease? That doesn't sound terrifying at all.

I doesn't look like he changes needles. It probably is the same one he uses to mainline his heroin.

That was my assumption too. It explains a number of his peculiar behaviors.

Also, are we being subliminally messaged when at exactly 0:20 in the flu shot video a Coca-Cola truck moves slowly through the background?
The Gopher in a lab coat giving people shots is part of the Obamacare package I think. We are moving towards rodent-provided health care, people. WAKE UP!
I love the commentary on the first video. "That's ... not right."
Actually that first video is foreshadowing for the conclusion to the battle between IPlawguy and Pickles.
Anon 8:30: that's what happens when you change from a Redskin to a Red Hawk. I am of the Miami Redskin generation not the wimpy, politically correct replacement mascot!

Oh - the mascot that eats people is so delightful. Especially when you see the mascot in person.
I think Pickles the cat is really GINGER.
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