Wednesday, January 13, 2021


My Students: Campbell Warner

Working at Baylor, I got to work with some remarkable students. And who is the guy holding the championship cup (and, it looks like, a beer, contrary to Baylor regs), next to the talented Jennifer Job? Well, that's Campbell Warner, one of my all-time favorites. 

Campbell came to Baylor law from LaSalle University in Philly, and he immediately made an impression as smart, competent, and funny- and great in court. I asked him to be part of this team, and he did a fantastic job. I knew he was a guy who was going places, and I was right.

After law school, Campbell began a remarkable career as an Army JAG lawyer. JAG lawyers through their careers usually do everything: prosecution, defense, appellate, legal assistance, and more-- it's a remarkably balanced career path. Campbell has enjoyed that kind of variety, including a year deployed in Afghanistan. I've kept in touch with him (it helps that his wife is from Minnesota), and am often envious of the things he gets to do. Along with people like public defenders and school teachers-- all of whom sacrifice to protect our liberties-- I am grateful for his service to this country.

Right now, he is the special victims prosecutor at Fort Riley, Kansas, and prosecutes sexual assaults, domestic violence, and child protection cases. Fort Riley is a good spot-- he has had two prior stints there and knows his way around.

Oh, and along the way he won $30,000 on Jeopardy:

Campbell Warner has a lot ahead of him. I can't wait to see what it is.


A celebrity! I watch jeopardy every night with my daughter :)
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