Monday, December 02, 2019


Mass Haiku

Yesterday, I took communion the way I always do in an Episcopal Church: I take the bread in my hand first, looking into the eyes of the person passing it to me. I feel the bread: the weight of it, the texture, the way (in a very real sense) that it is product of life and biology. Then, I turn and eat the bread, all of it. Then I turn and take the cup to my lips and drink. I'm not an intinction guy-- I want to feel all of it in the earthiest, most human way that I can. I want to feel the cold silver against my lip, the always-surprising arrival of the wine on my tongue.

Haiku Friday is always a good one when Megan Willome visits. And she did last week, with this:

for Thanksgiving Mass
I bring wine, forget bread, miss
the needed blessing.

Thanks, Mark.
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