Monday, April 15, 2019


Great haiku/memorable people

Wow, you guys knocked it out of the park last week...

I know that I should know who Susan Stabile is referring to (but I don't):

He always signed off:
Good night Mrs. Calabash
Wherever you are.

CraigA went full-on Boston on us:

Gravel voice Johnny Most
Always over-the-top homer
Celtics radio host.

I am assuming the Medievalist is harking back to his Minnesota roots:

Barry ZeeVan the
Extremely weird weatherman 
Who was always wrong.

And Jill Scoggins, beautifully, takes us back to Texas:

His signature close:
“MAAARR-vin Zindler, EYE. WIT. NESS.
NEWS.” I miss it still.


Jimmy Durante - and he never told anyone who Mrs Calabash was.

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