Saturday, January 12, 2019



If you look at the photo in the post below, you will notice that my hair is pretty unruly (particularly in contrast to my brothers, which is much more ruly than mine). And, honestly, that was probably an above-average day.

I'm not sure why (probably genetics), I have a lot of hair and not much control over it. The introduction of some gray hair has compounded rather than solved the problem. The barber schedules extra time for me, and then when he is done it still looks pretty goofy. There's just not much that can be done.

Like a lot of people with a problem, in the the absence of any way to solve that problem I like to imagine that it is secretly a strength. If I go into a meeting, for example, it probably lowers the expectations of others when I look like I might be homeless or (at best) some kind of mad scientist. Then if I say something halfway intelligent, it seems surprisingly worthwhile!

Or, maybe it is just time to start wearing hats more often.

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