Monday, October 01, 2018


Haiku of Fall

Thanks for brightening my day.

Mary Senneka gave us the most Minnesota haiku in the history of the blog:

The loons are still here
But we no longer hear them.
The windows are closed. 

And Megan Willome brought me back to Texas reality:

Packing up, heading
out in search of fall--two states 
north should do the trick.

My dad is a realist:

Fall is here and I
never lost those fifteen pounds
I promised to lose

I had hoped to 
have room for apple strudel
donuts and cider.

But not as realistic as this anonymous Wacoan:

What is September?
Neither summer nor autumn,
It drags me along.

No pumpkins, no pools
No wool sweaters or beach balls
It is time for work.

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