Monday, October 08, 2018


Comfort food haikus...

A good crop last week! I do have to say that we have very different ideas about comfort food. For example, I do not share Silly American's taste on this:

Must have lamb curry--
spices beckon from inside
favorite soup spot.

where I stay an hour.
Walking later, catch a whiff
of pungent sweater.

I get it, though, I do! And my own likes go more along the lines of Susan Stabile's:

A hearty beef stew
warm, crusty bread on the side,
and perhaps some wine.

And Jill Scoggins made me hungry:

Hubby Dave's homemade
veggie soup: Thick broth. Full of
veggies. Full of love.

And then we have the southern contingent, who haven't gotten to fall yet. The Medievalist is still sipping iced tea, and Christine is eating picnic food!:

Crispy and crunchy
fingers, greasy; lick the crumbs
Publix Fried Chicken.

You did say comfort food. Publix fried chicken is that for us. And we don't have a store close by so we must make the effort.
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