Wednesday, September 26, 2018


I was wrong.

Sometimes that is an important thing to say. And sometimes you have to say that as publicly as you did the wrong thing in the first place.

Luckily, I got the chance to do that. On Monday night, I went on CNN with Don Lemon and explained that I would not sign a letter in support of Brett Kavanaugh knowing what I know now. You can see that clip here.

Building on that, two of my classmates joined me in my view. There is a great story in the Washington Post today about that, which you can read here.

Sometimes it is dispiriting that so much of what I am involved in is really all tragedy. Criminal law is often like that; clemency work is a partial respite, at least when it works. But if I look tired, there is a reason.

Kudos to you for coming forward with a thoughtful position that is neutral regarding the allegations and supportive of a reasonable investigation.
If this were Facebook, I'd use most of their emojis! Like-Like-Love-Love-Wow-Wow.
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It is no surprise to me that I completely respect your process through this awful situation. Of every voice I longed to hear in this situation, yours was top on the list. Thank you for your stand.
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