Friday, September 28, 2018


Haiku Friday: Fall is here

It's been a strange and memorable week. I wrote a brief for the Supreme Court, and spent a lot of time talking about it.

But when I step outside here in Minnesota, something wonderful is happening.  Fall. Let's haiku about that this week (and feel free to include your feelings about this fall's political events, if that helps).

Here, I will go first:

I will stop walking
And pick up a perfect leaf:
Red, translucent, mine.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 syllable formula and have some fun!

I bought a pumpkin
There is nothing like that smell
My favorite month.
windows left open
breeze comes in from the outside
Please, don't turn to snow
Time to cozy up
Under the fluffy covers
With my sweetie pie
Fall is here and I
never lost those fifteen pounds
I promised to lose

I had hoped to
have room for apple strudel
donuts and cider
Packing up, heading
out in search of fall--two states
north should do the trick.

The loons are still here
But we no longer hear them.
The windows are closed.

This is the antithesis of what Anonymous said. Our windows are open all summer as we listen to the loons and the lake... and neighbors' air conditioners. Too cold now.
Autumn, fall, either
In Waco we get neither
Oven, BAM! Freezer.


What is September?
Neither summer nor autumn,
It drags me along.

No pumpkins, no pools
No wool sweaters or beach balls
It is time for work.

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