Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Alone in a crowd

Because I am an introvert (and I am), sometimes I do want to be alone. The stereotype of that, of course, is heading out to the woods in some remote location and sitting on a rock by the shore. And certainly I have done that-- it is a major form of entertainment up on Osler Island, after all-- but it really isn't my favorite method.

What I prefer is to be alone in a crowd. That is one reason that I love New York; it is a perfect place for introverts. You can walk down a crowded street, and there is this remarkable sense of alone-ness if you care to see and feel it. The people on the street are like a wave that you ride, adjusting your pace and placement in reaction to each new bump and ripple. If, like me, you are pretty much 100% average looking, you become functionally invisible, making the task that much easier. 

And then, when it is time to break the spell, it is so easy to do! You can buy a hot dog, and there you see the people in line, the vendor, the guy at the next cart, and perhaps join a conversation.

Cities are sought out by all kinds of people, and that is one of their strengths.

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