Tuesday, May 08, 2018


The Other Donald

Don Blankenship is running as a candidate for US Senate in West Virginia as a Republican in today's Republican primary. He's pretty terrible:

He has a chance to win the primary. President Trump has urged West Virginians to vote for another candidate, despite the fact that Blankenship has tried to tie himself to Trump and his appeal to voters in that state. It looks like Trump's opposition is born of political calculus-- he knows that Blankenship would likely be another Roy Moore (who lost in Alabama), and could lose a winnable race against the incumbent Democrat, Joe Manchin.

And, um, yeah-- this guy really is the next Roy Moore!

Don Blankenship would be an honest representation of the moral character of today’s Republican Party. Donald Trump didn’t distance himself from Blankenship because of his beliefs and history ( ugh ) but because he isn’t slick enough to be elected. He fears that by running openly on their shared miserable policies and behavior isn’t smart politics. Politics is the only thing that the Pebublican Parrty seems to care about today.
I think West Virginia will see Don Blankenship as a criminal but nevertheless will elect him in the primary as best representing the Trump Republican Party.
Deception still could work for him in the general election. He ends his speeches with telling us that everything he does he does is for the children. Wow! I am sure that our children and grandchildren will sure appreciate the moral and economic debt that will be the Trump Republican Party legacy.

I wonder how the children of the 20 people killed in his mines due to his negligence feel about the ending of his speeches. "The Price of Justice" by Laurence Leamer should be required reading in all WV schools.
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