Wednesday, May 16, 2018


The end of the day

Yesterday was a long day.

I had a lot of meetings, pretty much straight through from 8:30 in the morning through 7 pm. The last of them was a pleasure, a conference call with Joanne Braxton and Rebecca Parker and other people involved in the Braxton Institute. Still, it had been a long day.

After all that, I headed over to Dick's Sport's Barbers (pictured above) to get a much needed haircut. It was late, and I was the only customer. Lon put the cape over me and got to work.

Outside, people were walking out of the store across the street, carrying a bottle of wine or a long baguette (it is that kind of store). It was warm, finally, and cars drove by with the windows down, going south on France Avenue towards home. Lon isn't much of a talker, so I watched the ball game on the television across from the chair. The Twins were playing St. Louis, a game that doesn't seem to matter much at this point of the season. On the scoreboard behind right field I saw that the Yankees were playing at Washington and imagined that IPLawGuy was at the game, keeping track of what happened on a scorecard.

The St. Louis pitcher had a wicked slider, a pitch that dropped to the ground right before it got to the plate. The Twins batter, Joe Mauer, swung madly at it and missed, staggering a little.

"That's some slider," I said to Lon.

"Yup," he said. He's not much of a talker.

Then there was just the clipping and the next batter walking up, knowing that the pitch was going to dive to the ground and there was nothing he could do about it, and that way out east IPLawGuy was scratching down sacred runes on his scorecard on a humid DC evening.

Winter's over. And that's good.

I love this!
The customer in the lower left-hand corner is my son, PJ. He's an airline pilot now.
Its True! I was keeping score at Nats Park last night. Until it rained
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