Saturday, April 21, 2018


Writing, writing, writing...

Being done with the casebook (and the Teacher's Manual for the casebook) has freed me up to wade into short-form writing, which I really enjoy.

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran my piece on clemency (spoiler alert: I'm for it), and tomorrow I have a piece about the Prince investigation in the Star-Tribune here. I might have a piece in the Waco Tribune-Herald, too, but I haven't heard about that one...

Plus, I've been writing tests all week. It's hard to do (at least for me). This year's tests will feature all of my favorite recurring characters:

Glorbin Dandyport
Rory Ryan
Rink Allegro
Bob McBurger
Larry Bates

Further, affiant sayeth not.

Larry Bates! You have to at least try for verisimilitude if anyone is going to take you seriously. Nobody would ever have that name.
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