Thursday, April 26, 2018


Political Mayhem Thursday: Who should serve?

Right now, the Trump cabinet is a mess. Several members have come under fire for sloppy procedures (at best), while some others are viewed as simply incompetent. (Others, of course, have performed admirably). There have been, and will be, a lot of vacancies.

Which brings us to a key question: who should take these jobs, if offered? Is it fair to expect someone who has a lot to risk to serve their country right now in a position of leadership?

Imagine this: You have a good friend you had known for decades. She has climbed to the top of her field, and has a great, well-paid job. She is a Republican, but was a vigorous supporter of John Kasich who became a reluctant supporter of Trump after Kasich dropped out.

Now, she is offered a cabinet-level job in the Trump administration. She would have to give up her great job and move her family to DC if she takes it.

What do you advise her to do?

I am sure one question every cabinet nominee should ask themselves is whether they are actually qualified for the position. I have always heard you serve at the pleasure of the President. And no doubt it is an honor to be asked. Does someone asked get to say no? I hope so.

If qualified then the question one should ask is what skeletons are in my closet? If there is something awkward or perhaps embarrassing are you willing to have that unearthed and shared with your family and the world? What would be the impact of those things being exposed.

I would assess what direction/path the department/agencies are currently on. Do their beliefs align with my own. Are you willing to jump on the crazy train known as Washington politics?

Finally, will I be able to afford a good lawyer if something goes terribly wrong. I am sure this has not previously been a question one would have to ask them self but it is under this administration. Even the lawyers have lawyers.

All good thoughts, Christine!

Jobs in an administration always take a toll--physically, emotionally, on families. That's why few people stay for even an entire term, much less two (should a president be re-elected). All that to say that serving in this administration, that toll will be significantly greater.
Serve. Serve to the best of your ability. Serve because your country needs you. Serve, to repay those that went before you and to pave the way for those to follow. Serve, though it will require sacrifice, for that is the nature of service. Serve, be courageous, and speak truth to power.
No one who serves in this Administration will leave with his or her reputation untarnished.
At the beginning of this administration, I would've said Serve. But now, I can't see how it's possible to do much of anything that has a positive effect. All Trump wants is someone to say Yes and adore him. Sooner or later, anyone who does anything short of that will get the boot. The longer this administration goes on as is, the worse will be the hit to the reputation of any independent-thinking person who works in it (in my opinion).

I can't believe I'm being this pessimistic--and probably very short-sighted-- but I'd say the sooner this administration can totally self-destruct, the better. The non-appointed, career public servants are more important now than ever.
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