Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Last night on CNN

I can't find the video (they have to have that somewhere, right?), but last night I was a guest on Don Lemon's CNN show, to talk about clemency. It was fascinating, but a little weird.

It's something I've done before, but have never gotten used to. Because I'm in a remote location (the WCCO studios here in Minneapolis), I don't actually sit in a studio with the hosts and other guests. Instead, I'm in a booth in front of a green screen. The weird part is that I can't see the other people on the show-- there is no monitor to look at, for example. You are simply looking into the camera, alone in this little room. It gives me some empathy for those guests who sit there silently for a while, or who have that deer-in-the-headlights look. There are none of the visual cues we usually look for in conversation to rely on.

I've always found it fun to hang around that studio, though. Keith Ellison and Richard Painter were passing through last night, too, doing remote interviews for other shows.

With the time I had, I tried to do something good-- steer the conversation towards people who are seeking clemency but who lack wealth and connections. It worked, at least a little bit, I think...

Found a link:


Go to the 22:00 mark for your segment opening
Well done! That's got to be tough to do, but I'd say you definitely brought your Sasha Fierce.

Quick question for you, since you're tapped into what the press does and doesn't cover, do you have any opinion about the coverage of the prison riot in SC where 7 people died? I was surprised at what seems to be a real lack of coverage.
Sadly, I DON'T know much about that. The lack of coverage might have a lot to do with a lack of information; the nature of prisons means that information can be tightly controlled by the authorities, and I suspect that happened here.
That's sad. I keep thinking about the families who lost folks in the riot and how there doesn't seem to be much concern.
It definitely worked! Don Lemon gave you a good amount of time.
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