Monday, April 02, 2018



You guys like the classics! For example, in Gavin's ode, both the game and the cheating are pretty much traditional:

Sorry, young nephew. 
No more Chutes and Ladders please. 
Besides, um, you cheat!

But Jill Scoggins, I never even heard of this game! (But... great poem!):

Spent whole day playing 
Loteria. I spoke no 
Spanish; no matter.

At age eleven,
No need for common language.
Just enjoyed THE GAME.

Taught me that we are
All the same, all God’s children,
All can just HAVE FUN.

That lesson taught in
Nuevo Laredo has
Lasted a lifetime.

Also, "Quiddler." Which, apparently, the Waco Friend enjoys....

Quiddler, a make words
card game found on Amazon
hours of fun learning.

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