Saturday, March 24, 2018


Waco and dentists

It's funny, I suppose, how connected I still am to Waco. It's not a place I ever fully left, and I think that is ok. Tomorrow morning, I have a piece in the Waco Tribune Herald, on the end-game of the Mueller investigation.

One legacy of Waco I am still dealing with.

About 13 years ago, I went to the dentist there. I was in the chair, waiting, as the dentist dealt with the person next to me. As I sat there, I heard the dentist say something terrible about one of my friends-- a colleague at the law school who had gone on to a leadership role at the University. I was mad. I got up and left and did not go back.

That may have been principled, but also kind of stupid. I mean... there were other dentists I could have gone to. And when I finally did go to a dentist here in Minnesota, his hair stood straight up when he looked in my mouth and he announced the need for a series of painful scraping procedures over the course of a few months. Ouch!

So yesterday I was back for some of that action, and remembered what made me so mad so long ago. Time goes fast, but not that fast....

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