Thursday, March 15, 2018


Political Mayhem Thursday: Should Stormy Daniels Matter?

Led (somewhat oddly) by the Wall Street Journal, the press has been pretty breathless in giving us all the details on the Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump storyline. But... should it matter? I don't think so, unless you are Melania (who, from what I have heard, hates haiku and would probably never visit this blog). 

You know what matters? North Korea. Russian interference in our elections. The stunning lack of talent in the upper echelons of this administration, and the "chaos theory" of management that leaves us vulnerable and potentially leaderless should a crisis arise, and the complete abrogation of leadership on dozens of important issues, including climate change.

All of that is much more important than who D. Trump bedded in 2006.  Sure, it's a racy story, but it just isn't an important one. Unless of course, you are a moralistic religious person who has spent years obsessing over the sex lives of others. I guess those guys must feel it is important... Wait, what? They don't? Then I agree with them (on this one, anyways).

The side show is intended to distract from the shit show. But it is a mistake to fall for it.

Having an affair is an indicator that one does not value one's solemn oath(s), essentially proving that one cannot be trusted. It is a lie beyond all lies. If his marriage vow means that little to him what about his oath of office. Campaign promises are trivial by comparison.
To me it speaks to character so it matters. He is a serial philanderer. It is not a character trait that I find appealing. No sympathy for Melania as she knew what she was walking into as mistress, sex pal while he was still married to and in the process of divorcing Marla.

No in the great scheme of things world and national events matter more but it is a serious distraction as was Monica Lewinsky during the Bill Clinton Presidency. It makes it harder to watch the hands of the snake oil salesman.
But... we don't need some indirect showing of how Trump feels about the oath of office-- there is plenty of direct evidence of that, such as the bizarre preferences to Russia! Right? And the more time people wring their hands over a sex scandal, the less we find out about the deeper ones that can really damage the country.

Why is the Wall Street Journal leading the coverage of this story? Is this how establishment Republicans hope to doom his presidency?
You literally took the words out of my mouth with that last phrase. His dalliances had absolutely no impact on getting him elected. And his character?!! is it even possible to put “character” and Trump in the same context other than perhaps that of a personage in a mind numbing reality show type of “character.”
Twitter attention span, venal politics and “what’s in it for me” en masse celebrity aspirations via social media access makes me think the only impact that could prevent [God Help Us!]a second act of this shit show is the BOTTOM LINE. From Wall Street bonus checks trickling down all the way to SNAP checks, bottom line seems like the only factor that could put an end to the executive branch becoming the Threepenny Opera…Steve Martin’s Mack the Knife version, that is.

I am not wringing my hands over this. When the media brings it up I tend to roll my eyes with the "really, not again" reaction. What bothers me more is that the holier than thou far right evangelicals don't seems to care at all when it is one of their own (cough, cough) while Bill Clinton was a "sinner" of the worst sort. At this point I am just amazed by the hypocrisy.

Palace intrigue, Professor. Palace intrigue. It might be vapid and salacious, but it's so damn intriguing! I mean, what else are we going to do? Confront the realities of our fracturing socio-political framework, budgetary time-bomb, existential geopolitical threats, or the affront to good taste and basic decency lumped over the Resolute desk like a bored ape? No siree! We want porn stars!
Brilliant, CTL!

I think the Stormy Daniels thing only, slightly, matters in that it's bringing out more lies from DJT. I AM worried about the other monumental problems--at this moment, the staff turnover.
. . . and worried about the staff turnover because T is on a roll. To me, the only things that are keeping the Russia investigation and some kind of truth-seeking alive are Robert Mueller and the mainstream press. Without one of those--without Mueller, especially-- well, it makes me too depressed to imagine beyond that.

On the flip side, it is wonderful to know that one person (who's not the President) can still have such a huge amount of influence.
No doubt.
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