Monday, March 19, 2018


Bad day poems

So, there were some good poems last week. I was especially fond of Megan Willome's, which left a lot in the shadows: 

The combination
of Valentine's, Ash Wednesday,

was combustible.

And then there was CTL's, which told more of the story, but left all the darkness of the shadows in place:

Sweaty and smiling,
Come home to strange, mournful faces.
Dad says "come sit down." 

Also, along these lines... confidential to CraigA:

Colgate women lost
Tears freezing on the red line
You did it, Clarkson!

Mark - so cold, so cold
Gate women, heart and grit play
Champs next year, Raiders day!

Think about bad days
I couldn't think of one day
in particular
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