Thursday, February 08, 2018


Political Mayhem Thursday: The exit of Rob Porter

The newest drama from the White House is that staff Secretary Rob Porter has resigned in the wake of allegations that he was physically abusive to two of his ex-wives.

Other than the fact that he was Hope Hicks' boyfriend, it is hard to understand how Porter had this job in the first place. Because of the allegations (the FBI had interviewed the ex-wives), he did not receive a security clearance-- yet as Secretary, one of his jobs was conveying classified information to the President. It's really bizarre how things happen at the White House-- the only test seems to be that of loyalty.

And maybe it is just me, but it seems like perhaps President Trump just does not view women as possessing human dignity in the first place.

No security clearance? The Great Leader doesn’t need security clearance from those treasonous losers at FBI...FSB does a much better job and it’s free!
Human dignity and President Donald…what are you thinking, Prof?!?
If Trump weren't President he would probably never get security clearance either. I don't think Bannon or Gorka had received Security clearance while working in the White House. And I think Jared Kushner still only has temporary security clearance.

As I listened to the unfolding story last evening I was struck by how the one former wife received no support from the Mormon leaders she sought help from. It was not until she found counseling assistance outside the church that she was able to break the ties and move forward with her life.

I am also struggling with the various recent reactions by Chief of Staff John Kelly. He is proving to be as nutty as the rest of them situated around the Oval Office.
There are some bad hombres in the White House. We need a way to keep them out. Some sort of barrier, like a big, beautiful . . . wall.
Love it CTL
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