Thursday, February 22, 2018


Political Mayh... blah, forget it.

So tired of politics. I care, but sometimes too much.

Instead, here is some skiing. Nordic skiing!

When I moved to MN from Texas, I was surprised to read that the local high school had 55 guys on the football team, and 140 on the nordic ski team. And that wasn't including the people on the alpine ski team. I wasn't in Texas anymore!

One of the kids from Minnesota, Jessie Diggins, won the first Olympic medal in women's nordic skiing yesterday in a two-person relay thingee.  Which is kind of neat.

Best mental break from all the political chaos -- two snowboarding interviews: Red Gerard on Jimmy Kimmel and my personal favorite, Jamie Anderson. What's she going to do after the Olympics? "Not quite sure, but after the Olympics, I would love to live on a farm with horses and ride a lot of powder in the backcountry and find more ways to give back." Preach.
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