Friday, February 02, 2018


Haiku Friday: Super Bowl halftime shows

Do I care about the game? Not so much (though it has made my commute a lot easier this week, since they have basically cut off my part of downtown Minneapolis).

Do I care about the halftime show? You bet! Let's haiku about that this week. Here, I will go first:

Me? Never perfect
I'm always a half step off
I am Left Shark.

Now it is your turn! just use the 5/7/5 syllable pattern, and have some fun!

get some more to eat
make more capacity for
and restock the drinks.

Superbowl haltime
is otherwise a waste of
time and attention!
No one can top Prince.
Pouring rain, and he rocked on.
A master at work.
Half time stupid bowl,
Refresh the drinks, make pizza,
Costume malfunction.
That one time, Elmo
And Grover and Beaker and...
Wait... did that happen?
I can't wait to read
About the things I missed while
I was not watching.
My stinkin' team's out,
But watch I will -- can JT
top Bruno or Prince?
Madonna carried
on a litter by oiled men
My standard for camp.

(from the 2012 halftime show)
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