Wednesday, February 21, 2018



So-- today's my birthday.

I've been on this Earth for a little while now.

Consider some of the things that were true on the day I was born:

-- My alma mater, William & Mary had never admitted an African-American student.
-- Women were barred from the undergraduate division of Yale, where I went to law school.
-- John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X were all still alive.
-- The Beatles were largely unknown in the US. They had not released an album yet.
-- There were people around who were alive during the Civil War.

In so many ways, the world is a better place now than it was then. There is more freedom in more places. There is cleaner air and water. There is nationhood in many places that were colonized when I was born. Women have more autonomy and opportunity.

This world is what we make it. And there is much more to do-- for me, and for us all. I'm in.

Happy birthday, keep pushing!
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy, happy birthday! Thanks for all you do to keep pushing this country forward.
Happy Birthday, young 'un. I've got 9 days on you -- someday I'll tell you what it was like when I was born....
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