Sunday, December 17, 2017


Sunday Reflection: God and Taxes

So, it looks like the Republican tax scheme is going to pass into law before Christmas, giving huge and permanent tax breaks to the rich while inflating the public deficit in such a way that inevitably social welfare programs will be cut. This is the party that claims the support of the majority of America's Christians.

I just do not understand that.

Yes, I know the line that Christian Republican's love: That Jesus's teachings don't apply to government. 

But, why? Shouldn't we aspire to have those values inform all that we do, in our public and private lives? How is it that the important roles of voter and public servant are somehow exempt from the truth of Christ-- in fact, become the mirror image of Christ's teachings about wealth and poverty?  

"As you do unto the least of these, you do unto me" is what Jesus taught. I think that "you" includes government officials, and all of those who set our national priorities and policies.  We are seeing a sad abrogation of those values now.

When it comes to monetary issues that are strictly adhering to the Separation of Church and State. When it comes to issues to the body they try to insert their religious beliefs into all of our lives. A true study in contradiction.
Wow. Jesus's teachings don't apply to government? Christine's right; that gets contradicted all the time. How about the report from WaPo today that the CDC is banned from using "fetus," along with six other words, in its budget request?
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