Tuesday, December 05, 2017


Should I give it a rest?

If you are still interested in the Mueller/Flynn deal, I have a piece about that in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune; you can read that here.

Then I was all worked up to write a screed about the tax bill, which just seems like the worst legislation in a long time. I'm baffled at how any principled Senator could vote for it, unless they are deluded enough to think that every economists is wrong...

But, wait.

I think I am at risk of outrage exhaustion or something. It is just draining to constantly write about what is going wrong. On the one hand, I feel a duty to say it. On the other hand, it seems that others say the same things, more publicly, and better.

What do you think? Do I need to back away from the madness a little?

I think the issue you are experiencing is common among many. It is caused by the election of a totally non-presidential personality, coupled with a Republican membership in Congress that believes this is there only chance to get for certain friends the things that will result in ongoing support for their re-elections. Gifts for their donors. I am getting fatigued with the idiocy I see in both state and federal government, and, sadly our local government at the county level as well. (E.g., the Biker trials).
If you want to back away because you think others are saying it better or that you're not having an effect, I don't think you can assume that's the case. (And "others are saying it better" is purely subjective! I haven't read anyone else explaining how Mueller's plea-deal process works; if there are others writing about that, I can't imagine it's clearer than how you've explained it).

I think the effect depends on the audience, and it seems to me you aim for audiences who aren't in the echo chamber, which means your words can have great effect.

If you're just worn out, though, then by all means take a break! Because the daily sh$t show isn't gonna stop. It'll be there whenever you want to jump back in.

I suggest building something with your hands. Any manual labour will do, but creating something is best. There is comfort in devoting yourself completely to the task in front of you. So much of what I do, and probably you too, involves thinking and speaking. Very seldom is there a physical "thing" to appreciate when I am done. But when I make something, I appreciate the process and the reward at the end. And it calms me. Busy hands lead to a quiet mind.

Or fish. That works too.
Let me know. I get on Twitter to talk baseball and the next thing I know I have liked, responded, retweeted and created dozens of outraged posts. Its exhausting.
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