Thursday, December 07, 2017


Political Mayhem Thursday: Who is winning the war on Christmas?

In the wake of having totally given up on the War on Deficits, it looks like Republican leaders are finally taken up a war they can win: The War on Christmas.

Let's not forget how that war has been going. Here is one description from The Atlantic:

[President Trump recently tweeted that] “It is my tremendous honor to finally wish America and the world, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Hearing the words would have come as a relief for millions of Americans who disagreed with President Obama’s decision to repeal Christmas. Recall that when Congress tried to tell him to stop, he said, “No way, no, no, no. I am Obama, and I do what I like. Political correctness!”

For eight bizarre years, the south lawn was dark and empty. There was an iron pentagram on a tower that said “Happy Holidays.” In the place of the National Christmas Tree, there was a glowing orb that emitted shrieking sounds. Anyone who touched it was overwhelmed by sexual urges. One passer-by saw the display and said, “That’s not very Christmas!” He was never seen again.

I there is one thing that makes me sad, it is Christians demanding their "rights," such as the right to have everyone recognize their holiday.  It's such an odd exercise; given that the faith itself has nothing to do with rights and getting, and everything to do with sacrifice and giving.

So, how do you think the war on Christmas is going?

For an imaginary war, the Christians have pursued it more vigorously than any war in the past. And they are on the defensive. However, they have totally redefined Christmas as a retail holiday (most retail organizations are owned, managed, and staffed by people who are at least nominally "Christian") and have turned it into worship of the dollar and non-religious symbols. And, quite frankly, I do not have to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Celebrating the resurrection is so much more important to me as a believer.

The "War on Christmas" is a mass hysteria, a mental illness. And only one of the mental illnesses in the occupant of the White House.
I saw Christmas decorations in Targed in October. If there is a war on Christmas, Christmas is winning.
His hotel chain has not gotten the news:
With progressives escalating the War on Christmas, and Trump ratcheting up the War on the War on Christmas, I think we all need to be talking about what's happening with the War on the War on the War on Christmas...
I want to hear more about the skirmish unfavorable to Festivus.
Wait a minute . . . There's a Christmas Tree lighting every year on the White House lawn, including during the Obama years. I live in DC; I've seen the tree and been caught up in the traffic when that event occurs. I haven't read The Atlantic's article, however, so maybe they were being cheeky about the pentagram??

I would like to start a war on Winter Solstice
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