Friday, December 08, 2017


Haiku Friday: Test day rituals

Yesterday I gave the final for my sentencing class. I got to the room a little early, and could tell that some of the students were finishing up some little ritual-- for example, on guy was listening to some kind of psych-up song on headphones. 

I had them, too, of course. For example, I always ate a banana before a test. Why? No one knows. It's a mystery.

So let's haiku about that today. Here, I will go first:

So many habits
I see being played out
Most common? Prayer.

Now it is your turn! Just use the 5/7/5 syllable formula and have some fun!

Engage vacant stare
Please do not talk to me
Going to crush this.
Rewrite all class notes
by hand. Tactile feeling makes
it stick in my brain.
Blithely take my seat.
Open the exam... Uh-oh!
I should have studied.

First, Show up on time
Other than that I didn't
really have any
No cramming that day.
It's too late, the die is cast.
You know what you know.
So few tests matter.
No paper scenario
Can mimic this life.
Leave all hope behind
All who enter,
Heading straight to Hell.
First test in law school
Guy in the desk behind me
Throws up all over

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