Tuesday, December 12, 2017



I'm not sure why, but I find this really compelling-- it is fascinating (to me, at least) to watch Detroit and the Texas cities, in particular:

Because, you know... they have some good points. They have some bad points..


Are you a mind reader? I was just about to talk this AM about the decline of the rust belt and rise of sun belt cities and its political and economic effects. Will show video and even give you credit.


Yes. I am.
Thanks for posting that video -- will definitely use in env. science classes. I thought the rise of LA was interesting, particularly in light of the development of access to water (great book on the subject: Cadillac Desert). My favorite city on the list: Charleston SC. Glad to see it's no longer in the top 10.
Surprised Atlanta is not in the top 10 and never has been. Same with Miami-Dade, although I guess its now a county.

Also surprised Baltimore was in the top 10 until the 80's
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