Sunday, August 20, 2017


Over the past few weeks, I have been become something I often criticize others for: obsessed with politics.

It's important, yes. That's because political decisions affect lives and define our national culture and identity.  Political issues have rarely, if ever, been as ugly and urgent as they are now. There is a deep threat to our society and core values in the actions of this president. But, it is wrong to imagine that politics are most important all of the time.

Up at the Island a few weeks ago, I had an evening that was really wonderful. I read a book on the porch. I helped make dinner. I sat and laughed with people I dearly love. The sun faded outside. My mom had made a blueberry pie, and we ate it with joy.  

Politics rarely gives us that: Joy. I think when President Obama was elected many of us felt that (and probably others felt that way this past year), but it is rare and fleeting. 

Gratitude is a spiritual value, regardless of your faith. For me, that is part of surviving a world that features this dark swirling vortex that can so easily pull me in.  

Thanks for reminding me of how nice those moments were. Family can be pretty good at making things right.
Great photo of three great kids.
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